MLIS Technology Requirements

Technology is a crucial component of each SIS class. In order for SIS students to be successful, they must have daily access to a computer and the Internet throughout their time in the School.  All incoming students must meet the School's computer competencies as well as its minimum computer hardware and software requirements before the first day of class. These requirements ensure that each student is equipped to have an optimal, successful learning experience.

Online Course Preview

Students taking online classes will use various media including online video conferencing, email, discussion boards, and other Web-based technologies to "attend" class sessions, communicate with professors and peers, and complete assignments.  Students must meet all technology requirements prior to the first day of class. 

Access to all online classes is through the University's learning management system (LMS):  Blackboard.  Students who are not already familiar with Blackboard are encouraged to review the Blackboard Guide for Students.

Students interested in using some of these technologies before enrolling in SIS may enroll in our Blackboard Basics course.
This non-credit course shows prospective students how to get around in Blackboard, including how to electronically submit assignments, post to the discussion boards, send e-mail, and take a Blackboard quiz. Videos, text and interactive "Try It" exercises will familiarize students with how a potential online course may be structured.

To take the course, please visit Login and password are both lispreview.

The School also provides Adobe Connect 9 for on-demand course content and real time, interactive class sessions and meetings.  Incoming students are encouraged to review the Adobe Connect Meeting Tutorial as well as our Tips for Adobe Connect Meeting participants.  For further information about using Adobe Connect, see our Adobe Connect FAQs.