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Graduate Certificate in Information Management

The Graduate Certificate in Information Management uniquely prepares students and information professionals to be successful in data-intensive and user-centric environments. We prepare students to support data-driven problem-solving and decision-making in diverse fields. With this certificate, students will develop skills necessary to assess, adopt, and utilize information technologies to design for positive user experiences and obtain insights.

Today, information is a crucial resource – be it social, mobile, cloud or big data. Information professionals with the expertise to find, capture, master, and deliver information are in higher demand than ever before. Whether for career advancement or professional development, the Graduate Certificate in Information Management provides the core analytical and problem-solving skills necessary to stay competitive and excel in today's information environments.

Students admitted to the Information Management Graduate Certificate Program will be required to complete a minimum of 15 graduate credits. If this certificate is combined with the Master of Library and Information Science degree, 18 hours in the professional core, 15 hours in the Information Management specialization and 9 hours of elective courses will be required. This certificate is available entirely online.

Specializations in the Information Management Certificate

Students must complete five IM courses for the certificate. These may be selected from one area of specialization or combined with more than one area to create a unique program of study. 

Software ToolsWeb based Info ServicesHealth InformaticsData AnalyticsUser Experience

Required Pre-requisite Class

Your initial class is INF 6080: Information Technology. This is a 3 credit hour class. (Take a look at INF 6080 Course Profile for more information.) Students returning for the IM certificate after graduation must have taken INF 6080 within three years to meet the Foundation course requirement. Students with prior relevant coursework or professional experience may be eligible for a waiver. 


Students who have no or very little work experience in information management should consider including INF 7960 - Practicum: IM as one of their electives. INF 7960 is a 3-credit class offered each term - it requires 135 hours at a practicum site plus three mandatory online meetings (webinars). After completing the application process, the SIS Practicum Coordinator places students with a relevant host institution to work under the direction of an information management professional. 

Special Topics / Issues Courses

The School regularly adds courses on special topics or timely issues to its semester calendar.  When appropriate, INF 8410 (Topics in Information Management) and/or INF 7850 (Issues in Librarianship) can substitute for one of the recommended IM certificate courses.  To count toward the required credit hours, the topics/issues course must be included on the student's Plan of Work and approved by the faculty advisor. 

Who can apply?

The Information Management Certificate program is open to all students.

Student interested in pursuing only the IM certificate should review our Certificate policy. Students in this program will be required to meet the SIS technology requirements.

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