Graduate Certificate in Library and Information Science

The mission of the Graduate Certificate in Library and Information Science (GCLIS) is to equip paraprofessionals, current master's degree students and master's degree graduates with specialized competencies and problem-solving abilities in a particular area of librarianship or information studies chosen from the wealth of courses offered by the School. For instance, if a GCLIS student would like to update his or her skills in a particular area, he or she may select courses that offer training in recent technologies, techniques, or skills that either were not obtained in a previous degree program or have become outdated. Additionally, a student might obtain the GCLIS in order to acquire the requisite training for new employment opportunities. Students may mix and match from the entire catalog of courses offered by the School but may not apply more than nine (9) GCLIS credits toward a master's degree.

Required Classes

Candidates for the Graduate Certificate in Library and Information Science must complete 15 credits of 6000-8000 level course work providing the appropriate degree of specialization relevant to the student's career goals. For additional information, students are referred to the Degree and Certificate Requirements regulations as stated in the Wayne State University Graduate Bulletin.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Wayne State University provides gainful employment disclosures for certificate programs that are eligible for financial aid. Download the gainful employment disclosure.