Archives & Digital Content Management Careers

Examples of Position Titles

  • Archivist
  • Records Manager
  • Data curator
  • Digital archivist
  • Digital initiatives coordinator
  • Digital librarian
  • Digital media specialist
  • Digital preservation librarian
  • Digital production manager
  • Digital repository manager
  • Metadata librarian
  • Multimedia Collections Specialist

Workplaces That Need Archivists and Digital Content Managers

  • Content Creators (Film and Television Industry, Ad Agencies, Publishing Companies, Web Entertainment)
  • Government Information Centers (Records Centers, Archives)
  • Corporations in General (Records Centers, Special Collections, Archives, Data Centers, Corporate Museums)
  • Academic (Big Data Centers, Special Collections, Research Professors, Archives)
  • Technology Companies (Content Management Department, Records Center)
  • Local Archives and Museums (Public, City, County, State)


A Sample of Past Places for Practicums


Examples of Institutions Employing our Graduates