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LIS Professionals Share Expertise on Educating Urban Librarians

September 10, 2008

Nearly 100 information professionals from across the LIS field attended the “Educating Urban Librarians Summit” held on Sept. 5, 2008 at McGregor Memorial Conference Center. Martin Gomez, president of the Urban Libraries Council, delivered the keynote address which prepared participants for examining the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge library services in an urban environment.  The primary goal evolving from the summit will be to determine what should comprise a meaningful academic program centered on urban librarianship and how to best help LIS Program students develop the corresponding skill sets necessary to succeed. To meet this goal, faculty and staff led interactive discussions focused on gathering input from practitioners on the topics of curriculum and practical experience for future urban librarians.

The outcomes of the summit will be used to craft a new concentration in urban librarianship that will be implemented in the fall 2009 academic year. The curriculum developed from this research will help the LIS Program meet the diverse needs of urban librarians.