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SLIS Honors Student and Alumni Achievements at the Annual Recognition Ceremony

May 19, 2009

The School celebrated the accomplishments of its students and alumni with over 150 attendees at the Annual Recognition Ceremony on May 8. Scholarship and award winners, Beta Phi Mu initiants, and 2008-2009 graduates were recognized during the program.

The School also presented its Professional Service Award to Marge Kars, Health Sciences Library Manager for Bronson Methodist Hospital, and its Distinguished Alumni Award to Dr. Sigrun Hannesdottir, retired National Librarian of Iceland.

Please see a complete list of scholarship winners below.

Congratulations on a fabulous year!



Scholarship and Award Recipients

Carolyn R. Williams Endowed Scholarship - LaDonna Leyva

Clara Lulis Russell Memorial Scholarship - Talena Horton; Kathrine Mazzara

Charles Samarjian Memorial Scholarship - Andrew Iciek

Dean’s Merit Scholarship - Kathleen Louise Bateman; Lisa Pasquinelli Rickey; Sarah Zawacki

Diane M. Rockall Scholarship - Hope Standifer

Edith B. Phillips Endowed Scholarship - Wendy Meyers Clark; Meghan Finch; Kendra Wilson

Friends of the Roseville Public Library Scholarship - Jason William Novetsky

Gloria A. Francis Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Lisa Rabey

Graduate Professional Scholarship (2007-2008)

Alicia Allen
Susan Arslanian
Nickia Bell
Kristin Cunningham
Evan Dawson-Baglien
Alyssa Day
Paul Doran
Jennifer Jungwirth
Megan Misczak
Elizabeth Moody

Alisa Orrin
Charles Page
Stacey Palazzolo
Stacey Reynolds
Michelle Rubinstein
Robert Sickles
Crystal Starkey
Serena Vaquilar
Christina Vettraino

H.W. Wilson Scholarship - James France; Jennifer Zimmer

Judith J. Field Scholarship - Kathryn Beyer

LIS General Scholarship - Evan Dawson-Baglien; Brian R. Johnston; Sherri Clark McConnell; Mercedes M. Miramontes; Angie Wixon

Margaret Hayes Grazier Endowed Scholarship - Susan Lynn Paley; Shawna Schmitt; Christina Vettraino; Halli Zalesin

Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group - Lynn Shemwell

Miriam T. Larson Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Lynn Shemwell; Beth Trapp

Robert P. Holley Endowed Scholarship - Anissa Ali

Roger S. and Muriel A Pepper Scholarship - Sarah Hashimoto

Sallie Ellison Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Lynn Heitkamp

SOLIS Textbook Scholarship - Alice Cruz

Student Travel Award - Alice Cruz; Johnnie Blunt; Todd Towler

Student Writing Award - Jennifer Cornell; Christina Vettraino

Patricia B. Knapp Award - David Foote