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WSU Offers Tuition Assistance Program for Unemployed Alumni

June 17, 2009

Wayne State University is offering a 50 percent reduction in graduate or undergraduate tuition for up to two classes per semester for two semesters to alumni or their spouses, either of whom has lost a full-time job within six months of the time they enroll for classes.

The tuition assistance program is available to men and women who received an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree from Wayne State and who were involuntarily separated from their employment within the past six months. Spouses who lost a job within the past six months also are eligible.

To qualify for the tuition reduction, an applicant must:

• provide a completed, signed and dated application;

• provide signed certification from the alumnus’ previous employer or that of the spouse, if applicable, indicating that he/she was separated from employment and the date of the separation. The certification must be on the employer’s letterhead stationery and include contact information. We suggest that the certification come from the former employer’s Human Resource Office;

• be newly admitted to a Wayne State University degree program for the Fall 2009 or Winter 2010 Semester;

• not receive another concurrent tuition award.

The award:

• will pay 50 percent of the tuition (credit) assessment up to two undergraduate or graduate courses per semester for two semesters;
• does not pay for any fees (registration, omnibus, Fitness Center, SEVIS, late
registration, course material, late payment, etc.)

• will be applied to Fall 2009 and Winter 2010 if the award recipient is a Fall 2009 admit only to the Winter 2010 semester is the applicant is admitted for Winter 2010;

• will not pay for audited credits;

• is tuition-restricted, i.e., will be applied only to the applicable semester’s tuition assessment;

• is not restricted to Michigan residents or U.S. citizens.

The tuition assistance program is part of Wayne State’s comprehensive efforts to help current and prospective students cope with financial hardships and receive the training they need to succeed in today’s world. 

This initiative enables Wayne State alumni to begin educational or training programs that can help them build stronger backgrounds for a job search, update their field of knowledge or refocus their careers. Said Wayne State President Jay Noren, “We feel this is an important and creative way to help alumni get the education and training they need to be successful in their careers and contribute to the reinvention of our economy.” 

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