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Project Accessible Libraries for All (ALFA): A Unique Opportunity at SLIS

February 28, 2011

Project Accessible Libraries for All (ALFA) is accepting applications for Fall 2012.  Interested persons may apply to either the face-to-face or distance education cohorts.Project ALFA Fellows receive full tuition, travel assistance, and a laptop computer with applications needed to complete ALFA coursework, including an Experiential Learning Lab.

We are seeking a diverse population of students who are interested in issues related to universal access to information for persons with physiological challenges. Project ALFA seeks to prepare library and information center professionals who will lead the way in spreading a universal access philosophy as the population of information seekers with physiological challenges is increasing rapidly due to the graying of America among other factors.

Project ALFA fellows will be prepared to serve an aging population of information seekers, connecting them to information through various technologies in all types of library and information agencies.  Project ALFA Fellows will also disseminate and diffuse the ALFA philosophy in the organizations where they will work through daily work flow as well as through more formal channels such as in-service and continuing education with colleagues in the field, at professional conferences, and special projects.

Fellows will learn to incorporate a universal access philosophy into most areas of library and information service, including the use of assistive technologies and other information and communication technologies (ICTs). 

Details about this project may be found on the project site at

Questions may be addressed to Dr. Stephanie Maatta,