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SLIS Faculty Member and MLIS Student Publish Joint Article

July 20, 2011

Dr. Robert Holley and MLIS student, Rosemary Spellman, have published an article titled "An Overview of the Google Books Project
and Other Digitization Initiatives: Implications for Libraries" in the referred publication, Journal of Library and Information Science.

The paper's abstract is included below - for the full article, please visit

"This paper analyzes the effects of Google Books upon collection development efforts in academic libraries. Other mass digitization
projects are also briefly discussed. The focus is on the hurdles that these projects face such as copyright questions, long-term technological planning, and continuing permanent funding. The authors also examine the role of digitization projects as a
form of preservation and/or conservation. Finally, the paper looks at the culture of libraries, how use of library materials may change as a result of these projects, gives some ideas of how the public will want to access information, and presents some thoughts about how libraries can maintain their relevance even as the public has access to a wealth of digital resources."