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Cengage Learning User Experience Manager to Speak on User Experience

January 27, 2012
Derek Poppink, the User Experience Manager for Cengage Learning, will give a presentation entitled “User Experience: Discipline, Quality, Process” in the Purdy-Kresge Auditorium from 10-11AM on February 1.
Poppink will provide a unique insight into how the new focus on User Experience is used in the private sector as a discipline, a determination of quality, and a process. From understanding the main principles, to testing, to guiding decisions, this presentation promises to be an excellent tour of an important emerging discipline.
Have you ever wondered why some products are a joy to use, and other cumbersome? Do you wonder about how we can evaluate our patron's needs, or if patrons can discover our resources easily? What is quality for our users, and what processes can we use to focus our efforts – both in services and systems? Poppink will help to provide some insight into how the private sector deals with these challenges, and has offered to share his experience with us.
This event is arranged by Paul Gallagher, SLIS Adjunct Faculty Member and Associate Director of Discovery Services in Wayne State University Library System.