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SLIS Faculty Member Presents on Collection Development Issues

March 15, 2013

Dr. Robert Holley recently visited Michigan State University Libraries and Albion District Library to give presentations on collection development issues facing professional librarians. 

Dr. Holley's presented "Should Libraries Add Digitally What They Would Weed Physically?" at Michigan State University on March 8. The presentation was part of a larger event, Transition in Collections: Print to Digital, arranged by the Michigan Library Association.

From the session abstract:

"Are digital materials different enough that libraries should add or retain digital materials that they would weed from their physical collections? Digital collections may include items that are older, obsolete, incorrect, or esoteric. Many libraries strive to maintain current physical collections of high relevance for their users. Digital materials have the potential to create new challenges by providing a wealth of new materials beyond the scope of the print collection."

On March 14, Dr. Holley visited Albion District Library for a session titled "Creating or Refining a Collection Development Policy." This presentation was part of the Growing, Nurturing & Weeding Your Library Collection workshop hosted by the Woodlands Library Cooperative.