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Updated Course for Fall 2013: LIS 7430 - Computing Resource Management

July 11, 2013

The major focus of LIS 7430 (CRN 16463), Computing Resource Management, has changed from introducing a general multiple user computing environment to setting up and configuring various information services, particularly Web-based, on a server computer. These updates were made to make the course of greater use and interest to students considering positions as web or digital librarians.

Many students have already learned how to create webpages or how to build a digital collection. That is just half of the story if you are gearing toward digital information management: the digital documents/files you have created or collected need to be made accessible on the Web, so that your users can make use of them. 

LIS 7430 will teach students on how to set up information services on multiple user server systems. Such online information services, including Web servers, Content Management Systems, Digital Libraries, etc., are critical to current missions of libraries and information agencies. 

Related knowledge/skills needed for setting up such services will also be covered in the course. By shifting the focus to setting up information services, we hope the course will provide the much needed knowledge and practical skills our graduates will need in the professional world. 

There is still space for this course in the fall semester for interested students. If you have further questions about this course, please feel free to contact Dr. Xiangmin Zhang, Assistant Professor, at 313-577-9761 or