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Fall 2013 Graduation and ePortfolio Information

September 26, 2013

Applications for Degree or Certificate must be completed no later than the 4th week of classes in the term you expect to graduate. For the Fall 2013 semester, the deadline is FridaySeptember 27, 2013.

The application process is completed through Pipeline. Instructions are available at:  For those applying for the MLIS and a certificate, an application must be completed for each. 

PLEASE NOTE: students who are pursuing the degree and a certificate concurrently may only have the MLIS listed in pipeline and the system will only allow application for the MLIS degree. Students who must also apply for a certificate should contact Llauna Parker in the SLIS Office in order for the certificate to be added to your record.  Llauna can be reached at In your email, please include your name and student ID number. Once the certificate program has been added to your record, you will need to apply for the certificate by completing the Application for Degree or Certificate through Pipeline.  Adding a separate certificate program does not apply to students who are pursuing school media endorsement. Students who are pursuing school library media endorsement should review the following information:

The eligibility criteria for graduation include:

* an up-to-date Plan of Work

* the completion of all courses indicated on the Plan of Work 

* the completion of the required number of credit hours

* 3.00+ grade point average 
* completion of degree requirements by the six year deadline (or three year deadline for certificate only programs)

* completion of the e-portfolio requirement (if applicable)


Official transcripts reflecting the degree will be available in January.  Diplomas will be mailed by the university 4-6 weeks after transcripts become available.  Instructions on how to order transcripts are available at:  



Students who began their degree program in Fall 2009 or later are required to submit an electronic portfolio as a requirement for graduation with the master's degree in library and information science. 

For more information on the electronic portfolio requirement, please visit:


Portfolios are due November 1, 2013