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One Credit LIS Courses Starting Winter 2014

October 25, 2013

The School is pleased to announce the availability of several 1-credit courses starting Winter 2014.  These 1-credit courses are designed to make it easier for students to qualify for financial aid since students must be enrolled for a minimum of 4 credits.  Up until now, with only 3-credit courses in the SLIS catalog, SLIS students were required to complete 6 credits in order to meet the threshold minimum for financial aid.  In addition, these 1-credit courses will enable students to enhance their Plans of Work with short courses that complement the standard 3-credit electives in the MLIS curriculum. 


Students will be allowed to register for a maximum of one 1-credit course during the Winter and Fall terms.  No 1-credit courses will be available during the Spring/Summer term.  Depending upon the success of the 1-credit course option, these short course offerings will become an ongoing component of the School’s course offerings.  At a minimum, 1-credit courses will be available until at least through Winter 2015. 


The 1-credit courses available for Winter 2014 include:

  • LIS 7110:  Humanities Information Services and Sources (Prereq:  6120)
  • LIS 7130: Social Sciences Information Services and Resources (Prereq: 6120)
  • LIS 7850:  International Librarianship (Prereq:  None)
  • LIS 7850:  Writing for Professional Achievement (Prereq:  None)

Due to the unique availability of these 1-credit courses, requests for registration will be on a first come, first served basis at the following website: