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Michigan State Board of Education Passes Resolution Supporting School Libraries

October 21, 2014

The Michigan State Board of Education passed a resolution in support of school libraries at the October 14th Board meeting. The resolution states that strong school libraries staffed by certified school librarians are critical to student success. Please view the resolution below:

The Michigan State Board of Education recognizes that school library media centers provide Michigan's students and staff equitable access to print and digital resources critical to supporting 21st century teaching and learning.

The Board further recognizes that certified library media specialists serve a critical role in increasing student achievement by supporting, collaborating, and co-teaching with classroom teachers in reading development, in integrating information and technology literacy skills into the content curriculum, and in meeting the expectations for student research set forth in the Common Core State Standards.

The Library of Michigan, an office of the Michigan Department of Education, has developed the "SL21 Measurement Benchmarks for Michigan School Libraries for 21st Century Schools" and calls for school administrators and school librarians to use the SL21 measures to assess the quality of school library programs in individual buildings.

The Board supports these efforts and supports a call for all elementary and secondary students to have ready access to a library in their school with appropriate resources, programming and certified staff.

View the news release here:

From Kathy Lester, 2014 MAME President: 

"A huge thank you to Michelle Fecteau, State Board of Education member, who was instrumental in getting the resolution on the agenda and gaining support from other board members. Michelle also brought up the effort to add School Libraries as one of the Best Practice funding items with the Board.  [You may hear more about this later.]  

Thank you to Cathy Wolford who over a year ago suggested to MAME that Michelle Fecteau might be a 'friend' to school libraries!

Thank you to Dr. Kafi Kumasi from Wayne State University and Jeanna Walker from Portage Schools, who along with myself, spoke at public comment in support of the statement.

Thank you to Karren Reish, Library of Michigan, for all of her support on this and other advocacy issues... and for providing Superintendent Flanagan with the right words to support the statement.

Thank you to Randy Riley, State Librarian, for supporting the resolution with Superintendent Flanagan and the Board.  Thank you also to previous State Librarian, Nancy Robertson, for taking the SL21 benchmarks to the State Board of Education last year.

Thank you to Deb Biggs-Thomas, Dian Walster, Tim Staal, Tom and LInda Stream, Lisa Brakels for being at the meeting to support the resolution.  Thank you to other library supporters who could not be at the meeting, but sent their support."

View additional public comments by SLIS Assistant Professor Dr. Kafi Kumasi along with the other speakers and addtional documents at