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Professor Tim Bowman Offering Programming Class for Fall 2017

April 4, 2017

Are you a SLIS student with an interest in the technical aspects of programming and how it can be used in libraries and archives? Then consider Dr. Tim Bowman's LIS 8410 Course - Introduction to Programming.

There's still time to register for fall courses. We asked Dr. Bowman to tell us more about what the course:

"The main focus of this course is to introduce students to the development and implementation of dynamic and interactive web programs through a basic scripting language. In order to accomplish this, students will learn the basics of programming both through lectures and hands-on exercises. Even if you have never seen a program, heard of programming languages, or thought about developing a program, this course can provide you with the skillset to create your own small programs, understand programming, and imagine new programs that can help your employer. The skills you will learn will be both timely and marketable. The semester will begin with a brief introduction to the basic concepts in programming languages such as variables, proper code syntax, and logical statements. Students will be asked to focus on the technical aspects of coding in PHP; you will learn how to create scripts that allow you to do fun and interesting things. Upon completion of the course, students will understand: the basics of programming, be able to utilize PHP to connect and retrieve information from a MySQL database, and develop coding skills that will allow you to create more advanced websites. If you like solving puzzles, programming is for you."

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