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Looking for winter 2018 classes? Take a look at these new SIS classes

December 6, 2017

Priority registration for winter 2018 is currently open and will continue through December 31, 2017. 

The SIS class schedule is available here

If you have not done so already, it is critical that you register as soon as possible if you intend to enroll during the winter semester. The School will soon be evaluating course enrollment and your registration gives us the best indication of course demand.  

Courses to Consider

LIS 6000 - Introduction to Information Management (CRN 26329) - first course for the new MSIM degree!

From the perspective of information technologies, information in nature is data. Over the past few years, along with the trend of “big data” in the broad area of information management, the demand for skills in data analytics in various areas has increased dramatically. This course uniquely combines the views from multiple perspectives including both data science and information technologies to examine the information management field. The course introduces students to current data/information management from an interdisciplinary perspective, incorporating the latest ideas, techniques, and technologies into the data/information life cycle in order to prepare students for Information Management (IM) careers.

This is a required course for students pursuing the Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM) degree. 

LIS 6050 - Introduction to Computer Programming (CRN 26443) - new course for winter 2018!

This course introduces students to the development and implementation of dynamic and interactive computer programs through a basic scripting language (Python). In order to accomplish this, students learn the basics of programming both through lectures and hands-on exercises. Even if you have never seen a program, heard of programming languages or thought about developing a program, this course can provide you with the skillset to create your own small programs, understand programming, and imagine new programs that can help your employer. 

LIS 7620 - Introduction to Health Informatics and E-Science (CRN 26346)

This course uniquely provides students with an introduction to contemporary issues in health, scientific, and other research-intensive environments. According to Dr. Patricia Brennan of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “data-powered health” is an exciting revolution in medical research and health care (2017). To prepare students with these in-demand skills, course topics include:

  • Emerging technologies in health, scientific, and research-intensive environments
  • Consumer health informatics: mobile apps, wearable sensors, self-tracking for health, interactive health games, and virtual health communities
  • Public health informatics: tools for disease monitoring and surveillance, geographic distribution of illness, and disaster information management
  • Issues related to working with research data: life cycle of data, research data outputs, data management skills, etc.
  • “Big Data,” Open Science, and Citizen Science initiatives
  • Data sharing, data repositories, funder policies, and  research reproducibility 

Examples of course assignments include evaluating health-related apps and developing a data management plan for an organization of your choice.

LIS 8410 - Topics in Information Management - Misinformation and Misperceptions: Fake News and Beyond (CRN 26648)

Misinformation has emerged as a prominent and divisive feature of our contemporary information and communication systems. Through this course, students will go beyond the headlines to learn about problems and consequences of misinformation, and also its remedies. This course is designed to enable students to critically engage with issues associated with misinformation as individuals and information professionals in an information society. Readings will focus on a variety of contexts of misinformation, including in health, the environment, news media, and archives.

This course is open to any graduate student at WSU - there are no pre-requisites. 


Students who wish to enroll for classes that are full may sign up for the waitlist through December 11. Please sign up at:

All questions regarding registration can be directed to Megen. R. Drulia at