Wayne State University

Certificate E-Portfolio

The Certificate E-Portfolio serves as the culminating learning outcomes assessment for students preparing to graduate from the School's certificate programs. The Certificate E-Portfolio, submitted electronically, is an opportunity for students to reflect on their cumulative experiences in the certificate programs. The contents of the E-portfolio focus on professional skills and knowledge developed during the student's coursework. After ascertaining that all required materials are present, the E-Portfolio is evaluated by a Faculty Committee consisting of a minimum of two full time faculty members.

The Certificate E-Portfolio is a separate process from the MLIS E-Portfolio. Students must determine their specific E-Portfolio Graduation requirements.

Difference Between MLIS and Certificate E-Portfolios

Students submit a separate e-portfolio for the MLIS degree and for each completed certificate.  The requirements and grading rubrics for completing the MLIS and certificate e-portfolios are the same.  The distinction is the number of learning outcomes and artifacts to include.

  • For the MLIS e-portfolio, students select three (3) of the MLIS Student Learning Outcomes to write about in the essay and include nine (9) artifacts: one (1) artifact from each of the six (6) core courses and one (1) artifact from each of three (3) elective courses.
  • The certificate e-portfolio becomes a graduation requirement for any new student beginning January 2016 or after. Note:  Students enrolled prior to January 2016 who choose to add the Graduate Certificate in Information Management (GCIM) or the Graduate Certificate in Public Library Services to Children and Young Adults (GCPLSCYA) are not required to complete this requirement. Students who add the Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration (GCAA) must complete this requirement if they complete LIS 7710 during/after Fall 2016. Each student selects two (2) of the certificate's Student Learning Outcomes to write about in their reflective essay and includes two (2) artifacts that demonstrate their competency in the selected learning outcomes.  The student selects one (1) artifact from two (2) different certificate courses.