Wayne State University

E-Portfolio Submission

After a student has successfully completed all required courses with an overall GPA of 3.0 or better and has removed all Incomplete grades from the student's record, the student can submit their e-portfolio for formal assessment. Courses taken in the graduation semester must be successfully completed during the semester.

The e-portfolio should be submitted by 11:59 PM on the following dates:  Fall: November 1; Winter: March 1; Spring/Summer: June 20 or August 15.  (Students who complete their coursework Spring Term and wish to graduate at the end of June must complete and submit their e-portfolios by June 20.  Students who wish to graduate Summer Term or Spring/Summer Term must complete and submit their e-portfolios by August 15.)

All required elements of the eportfolio must be submitted by the due date to be reviewed for that semester. If the eportfolio is not submitted on time, you cannot graduate until successful completion of the eportfolio requirement in a subsequent semester.

Each semester, shortly after the due dates for graduation application, graduating students are given access to a semester-specific LIS E-Portfolio Site. The site appears in a box right above their current Blackboard classes on the student's Blackboard homepage. The deadlines for graduation application are posted regularly on both the SIS and WSU websites.  (The e-portfolio requirement is only for students who began the MLIS degree in Fall 2009 or after.)

The student has 10-20 days, depending on the semester, after the graduation application due date to submit all the required e-portfolio documents through the Blackboard LIS E-Portfolio Site. Spring/Summer and Summer graduates may have longer time. Please use the due dates mentioned above as guidance. This submission process is identical to submitting an assignment through a normal Blackboard course.

After the SIS faculty has graded all of the portfolios an email will be sent out to the student that indicates the final assessment of their e-portfolio and what, if any, action is required on the student's part. Students can check Blackboard for their results.