Wayne State University


The graduate grading system is intended to reflect higher standards of critical and creative scholarship than those applied at the undergraduate level. Graduate students are required to maintain a "B" average GPA of 3.0 to satisfy degree requirements. Final grades are recorded under the following system:

A      Excellent 4.00

A-     3.67

B+    3.33

B      Good 3.00

B-     Below graduate standards 2.67

C+    2.33

C      2.00

F      Failure – 0 grade points per credit hour

I           Incomplete

S         Satisfactory (pass/fail)

U         Unsatisfactory (pass/fail)

WP     Official Withdrawal Passing

WF     Official Withdrawal Failing

WN     Official Withdrawal Nonattendance

Y         Continuing Grade


A     Consistently distinguished and superior performance in all aspects of the assignment/course. This grade represents nearly flawless work that exhibits mastery of the subject matter/ assignment as well as qualities such as analytical ability, originality, creativity, and interpretation.

A-        Excellent performance; superior achievement in most aspects of the work.

B+       Strong, solid performance; above basic course requirements.

B       Good work, consistent with performance expected of students in a master's degree program; meets basic requirements.

B-      Work which does not attain acceptable levels in significant aspects of the assignment/course. This is a marginal grade which should alert students to their limited performance.

C+       Below graduate standards. Student has not met all requirements at an acceptable level.

C          Unacceptable work. Student has failed to meet most of the minimum requirements.

F          Failing grade; work does not meet minimum requirements.

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