Spring Summer 2020 Orientation

Faculty, students and staff look forward to welcoming students into the SIS learning community at New Student Orientation. Orientation can be completed entirely online. All components may be completed asynchronously except as otherwise noted. During orientation students will learn about the faculty and peers who will be an integral part of your graduate education. Orientation will include sessions that will provide students with the skills and knowledge that will help you succeed in the MLIS program.

Students will complete orientation within Canvas,

New students should complete all orientation components prior to beginning classes. After registering for INF 6010 Introduction to the Information Profession or INF 6000 Introduction to Information Management, students will be added to orientation within Canvas.

Orientation components will be available Wednesday, April 8 at canvas.wayne.edu/. Students are expected to complete all orientation components by Friday, May 8, 2020.

Orientation Components

  • Welcome to SIS New Student Orientation

  • Library Services and Searching

  • SIS Technology and Canvas

  • Overview of SIS Career Services

  • Student Groups

  • Being an Online Student

  • Ensuring Academic Success

  • Getting to Know the Faculty (online, synchronous, optional): date May 4

  • Dr. Bajjaly: 5:00 pm
  • Dr. Anghelescu: TBD
  • Dr. Beaudoin: TBD
  • Dr. Bowman: TBD
  • Dr. Charbonneau: TBD
  • Dr. D'Arpa: TBD
  • Dr. Kumasi: TBD
  • Dr. Li: TBD
  • Professor Schroeder: TBS
  • Dr. Sheble: TBD
  • Dr. Walster: TBD
  • Dr. Zhang: TBD
  • Practicum Coordinators - Jennifer Gustafson and Kathleen McBroom: TBD
  • Meet the Faculty and Staff Luncheon
  • Date: TBD, 12 PM EST (on-campus, optional)