Required Classes

In Information Sciences, students will complete 29 hours of INF credits and 7 hours of History credits:

18 Credits of Required INF Courses

INF 6010        Introduction to the Information Profession
INF 6080        Information Technology
INF 6120        Access to Information
INF 6210        Organization of Knowledge
INF 7040        Library Administration and Management
INF 7996        Research for the Information Profession

11 Credits of Elective INF Courses
7 Credits of History Elective Courses

Total: 36 hours of study for the MLIS degree

In History, students will complete 28 hours of History credits and 7 hours of INF credits:

6 Credits of Required History Courses

HIS 7999      Master's Essay Direction
HIS 7830      Methods and Research and History

22 Hours of electives of which there must be:

A minimum of 3 History courses in major field
A minimum of 2 History courses in minor field
4 History courses must be at the 7000 level
At least one 8000 level History seminar

7 Credits of INF Elective Courses
Total: 35 hours of study for MA History degree

57 credits total for both degrees - 14 hours are double-counted

Please review the Department of History's Graduate Handbook for more information about the program's admission and degree requirements.