Library Services

This pillar is designed for any student who wants to work in any type of library (academic, public, special library), school library media center, or information agency. Students can learn how to engage actively in specialized library services such as collection development, reader's advisory, cataloging, scholarly communications, library instruction, or how to engage and connect communities through outreach. A great librarian can work with varying socio-cultural groups and with diverse ages to actively engage them with research tools. This may include conducting intensive searching, guiding people to books and sources (whether leisure reading or research), teaching patrons how to get the most out of their library, or connecting people and communities through outreach strategies. Another option for students is to specialize in the technology systems that provide the foundation for the library services provided today.

Can you see yourself helping others do in-depth research, providing suggestions and guidance for leisure readers, teaching people how to discover resources on their own, working alongside students and professors to support their studies and research, designing and implementing library-based initiatives for children and young people, or becoming a library director? These are only some of the kinds of positions you might find yourself pursuing upon completion of the "Library Services" pillar. This pillar essentially involves connecting with people and connecting people with information.

In selecting the Library Services pillar you will develop strong communication and teaching skills for both physical and digital sources. You will learn how to support a wide range of users and their communities who have various information needs and will explore together a wide variety of resources and services. As a graduate you will be prepared to assume a position in a library or information center or to pursue further advanced graduate study such as the Ph.D. The Library Services pillar is known for thoughtfully blending theory with practical skills to prepare you to be ready to work on day one.