Elective Classes

Educational/Instructional Technology
In addition to the core class, INF 6080, two further advanced Educational/Instructional Technology courses are required. One course must be taken at Wayne State University. The following are approved WSU Educational/Instructional Technology classes:

INF 6360 / IT 5140 Producing and Evaluating Technology Based Instructional Materials 4 cr.
INF 7410 Productivity Tools 3 cr.
INF 7420 Website Design 3 cr.

Literature for Children and Young Adults
Students must take one children's literature class and one young adult literature class.

Children's Literature
At WSU two courses focusing on children's literature are offered; either class fulfills the children's literature competency:

INF 6510 / RLL 7720 Current Literature for Children PreS-Grade 3 3 cr.
INF 6520 / RLL 7740 Current Literature for Children Grade 4-8 3 cr.

Young Adult Literature
One young adult literature class is offered; this course must be taken:

INF 6530 / EED 6310 Young Adult Literature 3 cr.