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Brittany Hill

Brittany Hill

What's your name? What degree you are seeking? What semester/year do you expect to graduate?

Brittany Hill is seeking the MLIS with a certificate in Public Library Service to Children and Young Adults. She plans to graduate at the end of Fall 2017.

Where are you from originally? How long you've been in the area. Did you move here to go to school?

She is from Wyoming, MI near Grand Rapid. She moved here to attend the graduate program and start her GSA position.

What other degrees do you have and where are they from?

Brittany has a BS in English with a concentration in World Literature

Why did you choose Wayne State School of Library and Information Science?

Brittany chose WSU SLIS because there were only two programs in the state of MI. She said she has never felt comfortable on U of M's campus, so she decided to apply here.

What area are you specializing in? Why?

Brittany is specializing in Youth Services in Public Libraries. She said she loves working with children and seeing them light up when they read a good book.

Where/What format do you take most of your classes? Why?

She only takes classes online because she works 40 hours a week. She said it is difficult to get to classes on campus with her busy schedule.

Are you active in any student organizations?

She said she is not really active in any student organizations.

How has your involvement in student organizations impacted your SLIS experience?


Are you currently doing any library, DCM, Archives or Information Management related work? If so, how has the program prepared you for it?

"Yes, I currently am a youth intern and have used information learned from youth service courses in my patron interactions, displays, and program development.

What are you most proud of in your time as a student at SLIS?

I presented at a MLA workshop on how to use social media and reach adults in their 20's in the public library. I was so excited to see my nametag and get feedback on my presentation while talking to professionals in my field .

Is there a professor who has really impacted your journey into becoming a librarian or information professional?

Jon Wargo has definitely challenged me to consider who I am serving and gain an understanding of how to serve and understand young adults.

Since joining the program, what do you feel is the most important or surprising thing you've learned about the library and information science profession?

I was surprised to find out how many different ways you can specialize and use our master's degree.

Do you feel well prepared for a career in the information profession? Any long-term professional goals?

I definitely feel that I have gotten a good start. I learn best through experience, so these classes have helped me understand the complex aspects of my profession.

Have you acquired a position yet? If so, where?

Not yet.

What advice would you give to someone considering SLIS as their LIS school?

I would recommend doing research on the career you want and what classes you should take for it. No two students take all of the same classes. We all tweek our choices based on our ambitions and career choices.

*Can you tell me 3 cool things about being a GSA or cool/interesting stuff you've worked on as a GSA?

1). I helped with a digitization project that converted texts that Shakespeare probably used to write King Lear. There were three texts that I verified the text that accompanied it to allow users to search for keywords when reading the texts.

2). I created a slideshow of books and book chapters that faculty had published this past year. It was exciting to see so much representation from our faculty!

3). I worked with the library's graphic designer to create a bulletin board display that highlights our children's collection. It now displays stories from around the world.