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Joseph Gajda

Joseph Gadja

"The database design and data analytics course have greatly improved my skill level in my current role."




Q: What's your name? What degree you are seeking? What semester/year do you expect to graduate?

Joseph Gajda. MLIS. April 19

Q: Where are do you currently reside? How long have you been in the area? Did you move here to go to school?

Windsor, ON since undergrad started in 97.

Q: What other degrees do you have and where are they from?

Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State

Q: Why did you choose Wayne State School of Information Sciences?

The convenience of location and tuition assistance.

Q: What area are you specializing in? Why?

Information Management. My background in information technology demands it!

Q: Where/What format do you take most of your classes? Why?

I tried to take as many classes as possible in person.

Q: Are you currently doing any library, DCM, Archives or Information Management related work? If so, how has the program prepared you for it?

Information management. The database design and data analytics course have greatly improved my skill level in my current role.

Q: Is there a professor who has really impacted your journey into becoming an information professional?

There are many faculty members who have had a profound impact on my journey. I would thank them all but if I have to choose one that stands out, I would say that professor is Dr. Walster. Dr. Walster taught Intro to the profession and is my advisor. She hired me in 2001 to support SIS's computer lab and server infrastructure, support faculty and staff. This is what turned me from a life of engineering to Information Management and education.

Q: Do you feel well prepared for a career in the information profession? Any long-term professional goals?

I feel well prepared. I hope to attain employment on the academic side and become more involved with steering our information technology team.

Q: What advice would you give to someone considering pursuing their MLIS degree?

"It's a trap!" - General Ackbar. Haha. The general may have been talking about SIS degrees. You will never be the same, and never stop seeking information after that.


Joseph Gajda (MLIS '19), former Senior Systems Administrator at Wayne State University Libraries, is now Information Technology Coordinator at Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.