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Katarina Quain

Katarina Quain

What's your name? What degree are you seeking? What semester/year do you expect to graduate?
My name is Katarina Quain. I am seeking a Masters of Library and Information Science in Public Library Service, with an expected graduation date of Winter 2018.

Where are you from originally? Do you currently reside in the metro Detroit area?
Originally, I'm from Imlay City, Michigan. But have been living in Hamtramck for the past several years, having moved to metro Detroit to attend Wayne State University.

What other degrees do you have and where are they from?
I have a BA in Art History from Wayne State University.

Why did you choose Wayne State School of Library and Information Science?
Wayne State SLIS was my choice for its strong reputation in the Information and Library field. I chose to attend for this, and for its urban location here in Detroit.

What area are you specializing in? Why?
I am specializing in youth services in public libraries. I enjoy the experience of working in a community setting that a public library affords. My interest in supporting literacy from early childhood through adolescence in a family oriented environment determined my choice to focus in this area.

Where/What format do you take most of your classes? Why?
So far, all of my courses have been online. This is due to the limited on-campus offerings, but is a convenient way to complete the coursework.

Are you active in any student organizations?
ALA at Wayne, but not in any in an official capacity.

How has your involvement in student organizations impacted your SLIS experience?
It has given me the welcome opportunity to interact with other students. My involvement has encouraged me to participate professionally in the field.

Are you currently doing any library, DCM, Archives or Information Management related work? If so, how has the program prepared you for it?
Yes, I am currently working in a large public library. The coursework I have completed has given me a holistic understanding of the overall organization of a public library. It has solidified my previous experience working in the library field.

What are you most proud of in your time as a student at SLIS?
I am glad that I have taken advantage of extracurricular opportunities associated with Wayne State SLIS, such as participation in library conferences and networking prospects.

Is there a professor who has really impacted your journey into becoming a librarian or information professional?
Kim Schroeder has been an inspiring example of an involved member of her profession. She is committed to SLIS, and in encouraging student participation in the school and in the larger community.

Since joining the program, what do you feel is the most important or surprising thing you've learned about the library and information science profession?
I am surprised by how interconnected professionals are in this field. The support the community provides is an encouragement, especially for a new professional.

Do you feel well prepared for a career in the information profession? Any long-term professional goals?
Yes, I feel prepared for a career in this profession. One goal is to become a director of a public library!

What advice would you give to someone considering SLIS as their LIS school?
Take every opportunity to get involved! You may be surprised at what you learn outside the classroom.