Practicum Guidelines for DCM

This practicum is optional but allows students with little practical experience to work in the field.  The skills obtained from this hands-on work assists students in understanding the complex issues of digital collection management.  Students need to have at least two DCM courses completed before applying for the practicum.  See this link for a list of classes

Students are encouraged to think big for their placement in this field.  There are many ground-breaking projects being undertaken all over the world and this is an opportunity to network and to be exposed to the best in the field.

Please note that application deadlines are far ahead of the semester of implementation.  Be sure to plan ahead to get your application in on time. 

It takes about three weeks for the practicum applications to be reviewed and processed.  You will hear from the practicum administrator once all is reviewed.  If approved, the School will lift the hold on practicum registration and you will receive an email that you will now be able to register for the course.