E-Portfolio Assessment

A student's E-Portfolio will be evaluated by an Assessment Committee using the following criteria:

  1. Completeness of the E-Portfolio, including the survey
  2. Quality of the reflective essay
  3. Professional commitment indicated through inclusion and quality of all required items
  4. E-Portfolio's professional appearance and technical quality

The Assessment Committee will consist of two Faculty members, chosen at random from a pool of available faculty during the semester the student graduates. 

If a student has all the required items and receives a score of 85 and above out of 100, s/he can pass the E-Portfolio requirement for graduation. A student who does not pass the E-Portfolio will meet with the School Director and the student's assessment committee for review and recommendation for further action.

Grading Rubrics used for the E-Portfolio review



No Pass

Completeness of the E-Portfolio

All required items are included in the E-Portfolio.

The E-Portfolio misses required items, e.g. class artifacts, evaluative statements, resume, etc. 


Reflective essay

Points = 65


The essay demonstrates thoughtful reflection on the student's experiences and growth as an information professional. The student clearly identifies, justifies and proves competency in three degree-specific learning outcomes, and has used artifacts to support.  The student's overall experience, professional goals and commitment to the profession are clearly discussed.

It is difficult to ascertain from the essay how experiences at the School resulted in professional growth and development.  Competency in the chosen learning outcomes has not been demonstrated.  Professional goals and commitment are unclear or missing. Examples are unrelated or missing.


Professional commitment

Points = 20


Items chosen for inclusion reflect proficiency in the degree-specific learning outcomes, and understanding of as well as commitment to the information profession. Evaluative statements clearly demonstrate the item's relationship to the student's professional accomplishments. Resume contains key information and is professional in appearance and design.

It is difficult to ascertain how chosen items relate to the degree-specific learning outcomes, the student's professional accomplishments, and commitment to the profession.

Technical writing skills

Points = 15

The reflective essay is clearly organized and demonstrates graduate level analytic skills. There are no grammar, punctuation or spelling errors throughout the E-Portfolio.

Organization of the reflective essay is haphazard. Analysis is simplistic or missing. Grammar, punctuation and spelling errors are found throughout the E-Portfolio.

Total Points = 100