Instructions for Writing Demonstrative Essays

In the essay, the student will demonstrate their competency of the certificate's learning outcomes in which the student has applied.

The learning outcomes for each certificate can be found below:


In the demonstrative essay, you will explain how the chosen artifacts demonstrate your proficiency in the learning outcomes of the certificate in which you have applied.

For each chosen artifact, describe, first, the motivation for and circumstances under which the item was produced. Then identify two learning outcomes of the certificate you applied for, and explain how the chosen artifact demonstrates your proficiency in them.

Do the same for the second chosen artifact. You need to describe at least 3 different learning outcomes in the essay.

Use of writing in the first person is encouraged.


The final product will be a 750-1000 word essay, with suitable and ethical citation practices followed (final word count excludes bibliography). Please note that this is not a personal history or review of courses taken during the Certificate. Instead, it is an articulation of your growth as an information professional in the certificate area.

You may submit the demonstrative essay in .doc, .docx, .rtf or pdf formats. Please do not submit the essay in .zip or .rar format.