E-Portfolio Submission

After a student has successfully completed all required courses with an overall GPA of 3.0 or better and has removed all Incomplete grades from the student's record, the student can submit their E-Portfolio for formal assessment. Courses taken in the graduation semester must be successfully completed during the semester.

The E-Portfolio should be submitted by 11:59 PM on the following dates:  Fall: November 1; Winter: March 1; Spring/Summer: June 20 or August 15.  (Students who complete their coursework Spring Term and wish to graduate at the end of June must complete and submit their E-Portfolios by June 20.  Students who wish to graduate Summer Term or Spring/Summer Term must complete and submit their E-Portfolios by August 15.)

All required elements of the E-Portfolio must be submitted by the due date to be reviewed for that semester. If the E-Portfolio is not submitted on time, you cannot graduate until successful completion of the E-Portfolio requirement in a subsequent semester.

Each semester, shortly after the due dates for graduation application, graduating students are given access to a semester-specific SIS E-Portfolio Site. The site will appear on students' Canvas Dashboard. The deadlines for graduation application are posted regularly on both the School and WSU websites. 

The student has 10-20 days, depending on the semester, after the graduation application due date to submit all the required E-Portfolio documents through the SIS E-Portfolio Canvas Site and complete the survey there. Spring/Summer and Summer graduates may have longer time.  Please use the due dates mentioned above as guidance. This submission process is identical to submitting an assignment through a normal Canvas course.

After the faculty has graded all of the portfolios, an email will be sent out to the student that indicates the final assessment of their E-Portfolio and what, if any, action is required on the student's part. Students can also check Canvas for their E-Portfolio grades.