Graduation Assessment Preparation

Each graduating student is required to pass the Graduation Assessment requirement. The Graduation assessment should include all the following items:

  • A Reflective Essay
  • Artifacts or assignments supporting student learning outcome proficiency as discussed in the Reflective Essay
  • A professional resume
  • Completed survey in Canvas Graduation Assessment site

Note that you have to include all required items in order to pass the Graduation Assessment requirement.

In the Reflective Essay, students demonstrate their competency in their degree-specific student learning outcomes, analyze the contribution of included artifacts to the students' professional development, and describe students' beliefs regarding the professional responsibilities of an information professional. Please follow the Instructions for Writing Reflective Essays link for more detail.

An artifact in the context of the Graduation assessment may refer to any sample work a student has completed in a course since entering the School.

  • Since 2 artifacts are needed for each learning outcome discussion, a total of 4 different artifacts should be uploaded to the Graduation Assessment Canvas site.
  • The artifact can be in a variety of different formats, such as a paper, a website, a database, group projects, etc.
  • The artifact does not have to be a formally graded assignment.
  • Students can choose multiple artifacts from one course.

The sample artifacts students choose to include in the Graduation assessment should be of the highest quality representing the student learning outcomes. Students are responsible for retaining the necessary documentation of all artifacts. please refer to the document storage and retention policy.

The student also needs to complete a survey evaluating their learning outcome proficiency in the Graduation Assessment Canvas site.