The graduate grading system is intended to reflect higher standards of critical and creative scholarship than those applied at the undergraduate level. Graduate students are required to maintain a "B" average GPA of 3.0 to satisfy degree requirements. Final grades are recorded under the following system:

A      Excellent 4.00

A-     3.67

B+    3.33

B      Good 3.00

B-     Below graduate standards 2.67

C+    2.33

C      2.00

F      Failure – 0 grade points per credit hour

I           Incomplete

S         Satisfactory (pass/fail)

U         Unsatisfactory (pass/fail)

WP     Official Withdrawal Passing

WF     Official Withdrawal Failing

WN     Official Withdrawal Nonattendance

Y         Continuing Grade


A     Consistently distinguished and superior performance in all aspects of the assignment/course. This grade represents nearly flawless work that exhibits mastery of the subject matter/ assignment as well as qualities such as analytical ability, originality, creativity, and interpretation.

A-        Excellent performance; superior achievement in most aspects of the work.

B+       Strong, solid performance; above basic course requirements.

B       Good work, consistent with performance expected of students in a master's degree program; meets basic requirements.

B-      Work which does not attain acceptable levels in significant aspects of the assignment/course. This is a marginal grade which should alert students to their limited performance.

C+       Below graduate standards. Student has not met all requirements at an acceptable level.

C          Unacceptable work. Student has failed to meet most of the minimum requirements.

F          Failing grade; work does not meet minimum requirements.