Incomplete Grade Policy

The mark of `I' is given at the discretion of the instructor near or at the end of the term when unforeseen events prevent the student from completing all of the course work as planned for the term. The student is responsible for initiating the incomplete request.  An incomplete will only be assigned in extenuating circumstances and when there is, in the judgment of the instructor, a reasonable probability that the student can complete the remaining course work successfully without again attending regular class sessions. The mark of `I' will not be awarded if, in the instructor's judgment, it is necessary for the student to attend subsequent sessions of the class. The student should be passing at the time the grade of `I' is given. An incomplete grade cannot be recorded without a signed contract. 

A written contract must be established specifying: 1) the work to be completed, 2) a final deadline for submission, and 3) signed by the student and instructor no later than the last day of the Final Exams period per the University Registrar's calendar. The final deadline for submission of incomplete work will be no longer than one semester or as otherwise specified by the instructor. Responsibility for completing and submitting all course work on time rests with the student. If the work is not completed, the student will receive an F for each contracted assignment and a final grade will be calculated and submitted to the University.