Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses

In the first two weeks of the term, students can drop any course(s) and receive 100% tuition and course fee cancellation. After the end of the second week there is no tuition or fee cancellation. Students may drop a class for fifteen week classes  through the end of the fourth week of class. Classes that are dropped do not appear on the transcript.

Beginning the fifth week of class students are no longer allowed to drop but must withdraw from classes. The withdrawal period for full-term classes ends at the end of the tenth week of the term. See the Academic Calendar for specific information on when the withdrawal period ends. It is the student's responsibility to initiate the Withdrawal Request (through Academica). Approval of a Withdrawal Request is at the discretion of the instructor. 

Students who request course withdrawals after the drop period has ended will now receive one of these notations:

"WP" Withdrawal with a passing grade earned to date
" WF" Withdrawal with a failing grade earned to date
" WN" Withdrawal never attended, or no graded work to date

None of these W grades affects GPA. However, there is no tuition cancellation provision for withdrawn courses. 

N.B.: Withdrawing from courses can have adverse financial aid implications and other consequences. So, know the consequences before withdrawing. In order to receive financial aid, students must make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). For complete details, please consult the Office of Financial Aid.