Master of Science in Information Management

Information Management is a growing field with a bright future. Information managers work in all industries and all sectors at the intersection of people, technology, processes, and data that enable our data-driven society to function. Information managers use leading-edge technology solutions, oversee people and processes, and manage large datasets to support data-driven decision-making in all types of businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Information managers act as data stewards to ensure that information is accurate, current, complete, and secure.

The Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM) uniquely prepares students and information professionals to be successful in data-intensive and user-centric environments. We prepare students to support data-driven problem-solving and decision-making in diverse fields. With this degree, students will develop the skills necessary to assess, adopt, and utilize information technologies to design for positive user experiences and obtain insights.

The MSIM will prepare students for entry level positions managing information. By focusing on the data/information, with the necessary technologies viewed as a means to an end, graduate students who complete this degree will be well prepared to work as information managers in an industry or sector.

The 30-credit (10 course) MSIM degree includes 5 required courses (4 courses plus a capstone practicum) and 5 elective courses, organized into a variety of specializations. Students are free to combine elective courses from the various specializations to craft a customized Plan of Work that satisfies the student's particular needs. This degree is available entirely online.