Student Mural Mapping Project

A collage of murals from the city of Detroit.

School of Information Sciences Associate Professor Joan Beaudoin
SIS Associate Professor Joan Beaudoin

Cameron Socha, a graduate of Wayne State University's School of Information Sciences, collaborated with professor Joan Beaudoin to catalog more than 100 murals in Detroit's Eastern Market district.

SIS graduate Cameron Socha
SIS graduate Cameron Socha

The faculty/student collaboration resulted in an interactive map that is available to the public to help users discover local artwork. 

"It was great working with Dr. B. She really provided a balance between keeping the project a directed study, but also an independent study," Socha said. "She was great at allowing me the freedom to make big decisions regarding the project, but if I ever ran into trouble and felt lost or stuck, I was able to reach out and she was very helpful in getting me back on track."

Socha graduated with a master's degree in library and information science in spring 2022 and shortly after began his first job as a branch assistant for the Marine City Public Library. He plans to continue contributing to the collection as a volunteer and is proud to have established a foundation from which other students can work in future collaborations. To ensure a seamless transition, Socha created tutorials to guide students in how to use the mapping and exhibit features in Omeka.

Beaudoin looks forward to seeing the collection eventually expanded to include other works of public art, including sculptures and art installations.

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The murals pictured at the top of this page are: