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Fall 2019 - Courses to Consider

May 24, 2019

Do you still need to register for your fall 2019 classes? Take a look at the selected classes below in information management, archives, and health sciences. SIS also has two new offerings for next semester - a pop-up course about social media in non-profits and a special topics class on information, media and society.

Information Management

INF 6000 - Introduction to Information Management (CRN 17387)

Open to all students - required for MSIM students!

Have you ever considered information management as a degree or a supplement to your current education? This course provides students with an overview of the current state of information management and includes topics such as human-computer interaction, data science, user experience, information architecture, health informatics, big data, and software development. Whether you have experience with information management or not, you will come away from the course with a better understanding of how to talk about, analyze, and choose technologies that impact you and your organization. We are all affected by technology in some way and this course will provide you with the foundation knowledge to better understand and communicate with others.

INF 7430 - Building Web-based Information Services (CRN 19128)

This course is designed for students considering positions as web or digital librarians in libraries and information agencies.

Today's library operations and services are increasingly dependent on online services such as the web services and content management systems. This course focuses on training students on how to set up these web-based online services. The course includes sections on basic functions of server systems, related components of operating systems, file systems, system security, and installation and configuration of server programs.

INF 7940 - Human Computer Interaction (CRN 17377)

The interactions between humans and computers are integrated into our daily lives. A good understanding of these interactions is critical when designing and developing user experiences.This course offers students the opportunity to apply human computer interaction (HCI) theories in practice through a series of assignments, which include HCI design, user and context analysis, and usability evaluations.

Health Sciences

INF 7620 - Introduction to Health Informatics and E-Science (CRN 19004)

This class is for students interested in Health and Scientific Data Management.

This course introduces students to health informatics, e-science, and data management concepts from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course incorporates the latest ideas, techniques and technologies to prepare students for the health informatics, e-science, and data management fields. This course provides students with the opportunity to analyze and build the skills unique to data-intensive environments.


Looking to jump start your archival administration certificate or specialization? SIS is offering the introductory archival administration class as well as Oral History on campus this fall!

INF 7710 - Archival Administration (CRN 19135) - meets Tuesdays from 5:30-8pm with Louis Jones

INF 7770 - Oral History (CRN 17394) - meets Mondays from 6-8:30pm with Kim Schroeder

INF 7780 - Description and Access for Archives (CRN 17390) - meets online with Alexis Braun Marks, University Archivist at Eastern Michigan University

Pop-Up Class

Need an additional credit to qualify for financial aid this fall? Check out this one-credit course designed to explore social media for non-profit institutions!

INF 7850 - Issues in Librarianship (CRN 18104) - Topic: Likes, Follows, and Friends: Understanding Social Media Use for Nonprofits

Social media use issues are challenging for those in the nonprofit sector. The complexity of disseminating, communicating, and interacting with various audiences in social media with regards to educating, connecting, and streamlining management functions with members, funding agencies, peer organizations, and the general public are dissected in this course.

Special Topics Class

Are you interested in understanding the differences between reliable information and baloney? Would you like to be able to explain how science and reasoning work in practice? Are you concerned about the role of media in society? This special topics class will help address and answer these questions.

INF 7850 - Issues in Librarianship (CRN 19239) - Topic: Information, Media and Society

The course will explore how information is produced in the contemporary world and the role of science and reasoning in this process. We examine the role of media and information organizations in the production of information and knowledge, and investigate questions of ethics, laws and economics concerning media and information technologies.