New Compass Mentorship Program Starting Summer 2021

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The library, archival, and information science fields are built on the foundation of sharing knowledge and making it accessible to all. We know the only way that we can effectively do this is if the knowledge and stories that we share are told from different voices. We must work collectively to ensure our institutions are representing these voices and giving them the power to share their unique knowledge with others.

With this in mind, SIS is happy to announce a new mentorship program, called Compass. It was created in partnership with our student group, FLID (Future Librarians for Inclusivity and Diversity) to address the need to welcome and retain underrepresented students and professionals in the library, archival, and information science fields. Homogenous environments in the information field, both in educational programs and in future career positions can sometimes make students with different identities and backgrounds feel undervalued, uncomfortable, and out of place. These circumstances can limit the presence of LIS/IM students and professionals whose diverse perspectives and experiences are essential to the growth of the information science fields and are essential to achieving the goal of spreading accessible knowledge to all.

The Compass program is designed to help these students gain direction with professionals who share similar identities, challenges, and perspectives to help students build confidence when navigating these spaces that do not always reflect or represent their identities. This includes students and professionals who identify as differently abled, on the LGBTQ spectrum, and people of color including those who are American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern and North African, and/or Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander.

Suggested meetings are below and are expected to be online via phone, Skype, Zoom, or TEAMS. Meeting format is subject to change based on the needs of the mentee and/or mentor.

Please apply by June 29, 2021. We will do our best to partner you with a mentor in your preferred demographic as per the application form.

A brief overview of important dates and discussion topics is as follows:

Meeting 1 - Meet and Greet (Completion July 2021)
a. Mentee interviews mentor about their path as a professional
b. Student will prepare a set of interview questions before the meeting

Meeting 2 - Career and Academic Goals (Completion July 2021)
a. Mentor and mentee discuss career and academic goals and challenges
b. Mentees will research information profession roles per their interests
Meeting 3 - Develop Interview Skills (Completion August 2021)
a. Mentor interviews mentee
b. Mentor will prepare mock interview questions for desired information profession
c. Student will prepare resume and review mock interview questions
Meeting 4 Day in the Life- (Completion August 2021)
a. Mentee shadows mentor at work
b. Should be reasonable amount of time (under 2 hrs.)
c. Mentor will establish location and secure any needed supplies to facilitate

Each meeting should be approximately 30 minutes. Students are expected to make first contact for meeting one. This program is intended to be a knowledge sharing opportunity, enabling students to begin building a professional network and gain insight into the information world.

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Are you an alumnus interested in being a mentor? Sign up here to become a mentor.

Both students and alumni should contact Kim Schroeder,, with any questions.

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