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School of Information Sciences Announces iSchools Membership

October 3, 2017

The Wayne State School of Information Sciences is pleased to announce its membership in iSchools, the worldwide consortium of institutions dedicated to leading and promoting the information field. The iSchools organization was founded in 2001 by a collective of Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field in the 21st Century. It has since grown into a consortium of 86 universities and institutions spanning five continents.

"Joining the iSchools organization is timely because our expanded mission reflects the mission of iSchools," said Stephen Bajjaly, Associate Dean of the School of Information Sciences. "On campus, our iSchools membership will reinforce our distinction from that of other programs that also touch on data and technology. Our positive and growing reputation on campus will help us to reinforce the distinct identity of iSchools. In addition to being the campus leader in online education, our School has a growing number of faculty performing research and publishing in IS-related subjects."

The iSchools organization supports and recognizes student achievement and provides collaboration tools and other support to assist faculty in their teaching and research endeavors. Every year, the iSchools organization presents the iConference, a forum in which information scholars, researchers and professionals share their insights on critical information issues in contemporary society.

Read the official iSchools announcement here: