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SIS Faculty Member Dr. Deborah Charbonneau On Sabbatical at Smithsonian

October 4, 2018
Charbonneau Photo at Fountain
Deborah Charbonneau at the World War II
Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Deborah Charbonneau, Associate Professor, is currently on sabbatical at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Her work with the Smithsonian focuses on a STEM-related project. She is currently working with a team as a visiting research fellow to evaluate three science exhibits at the National Museum of Natural History.

Learn more about the exhibits Dr. Charbonneau is working on:
Narwhal (arctic whales)
Objects of Wonder (birds, insects, etc.)
Outbreak (global epidemics)

Dr. Charbonneau will be conducting interviews with visitors at the exhibits while she is on-site. We look forward to sharing her insights when she returns to WSU next semester.

Exhibit Image
Outbreak is one of three exhibits being
analyzed by Dr. Charbonneau.
Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian