SIS Offers New Fully Online Undergraduate Course - Introduction to Informatics

SIS will offer its first online, undergraduate course during the fall 2021 semester. The class will be co-taught by Dr. Tim Bowman and Dr. Nic DePaula

INF 4010, Introduction to Informatics, will examine the fundamentals of information technology and its social-historical development. This online course will cover principles of reasoning and science to discuss issues of cognition and misinformation. It will also examine and apply principles of data science for how to store, manipulate and communicate data to make reliable and socially beneficial decisions. 

Students in this class will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental components of information technologies and its social-historical development.
  • Assess and utilize information technologies for the creation, manipulation, analysis and communication of information.
  • Apply principles of science and reasoning for the assessment of information, misinformation and communication.
  • Apply principles of data science for the management, analysis and presentation of datasets in distinct professional contexts.
  • Assess and discuss the role of information policies and ethical principles in the use of data and information in organizations and society.

INF 4010 (CRN 18149) will be offered asynchronously online and is open to undergraduate students. Please contact Megen R. Drulia at with questions or registration issues.

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