SIS student curates Black History Month exhibit

A student poses with a Black History Month display In recognition of Black History Month, Wayne State University School of Information Sciences student Madelynne Rivenbark curated the exhibit "Stitching Stories: A Journey through Black Quilting Artistry," where every quilt is a masterpiece, and every stitch tells a powerful tale.

Rivenbark, a graduate student assistant working at the university's Purdy Library, created the exhibit with support from Jill Wurm, associate director of marketing and communications for the Library System, and Grace Serra, University Art Collection curator. 

The exhibit, located in the atrium of the university’s David Adamany Undergraduate Library, features the work of Michigan artists with real quilts and textiles on display from the Wayne State Art Collection in the cases alongside the display.

This exhibition showcases images of quilts and honors the legacy of Black quilters who have contributed to the cultural mosaic. Each image is an application of fabric and stitch, displayed to commemorate Black quilting artists and remind us of the 2024 theme for Black History Month: African Americans and the Arts.

Students, alumni and members of the community are invited to explore the rich tapestry of culture and creativity showcased in the exhibit throughout the month of February.

Check out the university's Black History Month calendar for more events, programs and activities.

Black History Month collage


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