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SLIS Students and Alumni Honored at 2015 Annual Recognition Ceremony

April 28, 2015

The Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science held its Annual Recognition Ceremony and reception on Thursday, April 23, 2015 at the university's McGregor Memorial Conference Center. This ceremony honored the School's graduates, scholarship and award winners, student group officers, and the many contributions of the School's faculty, donors and supporters.

A PDF of the Annual Recognition Ceremony event slideshow is available at A recording is at Photos can be found on the SLIS Facebook page.

Please see a complete list of scholarship and award winners below.

Congratulations on an outstanding year!

Isabel James Bath Endowed Scholarship
Jessica Hunt

Rosemary Benedetti Endowed Scholarship
Jennifer Parkhurst-Skala

Bookstock Scholarship
Megan Domanski

Sallie Ellison Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Holly Veselenak

Gloria A. Francis Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth Nicholson

Margaret Hayes Grazier Endowed Scholarship
Emily Brush
Maeve Devlin
Elise Gainer
Ashley Rossetto

Paulette E. Groen Endowed Scholarship
Arielle Starzynski

Robert P. Holley Endowed Scholarship
Qumisha Goss

Miriam T. Larson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Crystal Thomas

Library and Information Science Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Joseph Mhanna

Library and Information Science General Scholarship
LaTeesa James
Weslyann Johnson
Lauren Schilling

Margery A. Long Scholarship for Archival Administration
Kiron Johnson

Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group Scholarship
Kimberly Kelly

Joseph J. Mika and Marianne Hartzell-Mika Endowed Scholarship
Stephanie Chapman
Tzvetana Petrov

Roger S. and Muriel A. Pepper Endowed Scholarship
Emily Collins

Edith B. Phillips Endowed Scholarship
Megan Kipp
Jennifer Wright

Diane M. Rockall Endowed Scholarship
Ellen Fisher
Lauren Hoehn

Clara Lulis Russell Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Lauren Doustas
Allison Fiscus
Crystal Gleason

Charles Samarjijian Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Sarah Andrus
Autumn Diaz

Robert L. Sherwood Endowed Scholarship
Molly Walker

Peter and Jane Spyers-Duran Endowed Scholarship
Heather Goupil
Davidson Hook
Stacy Loveridge

Cymbrie Pratt Trepczynski Endowed Scholarship for Archival Administration
Julia Westblade
Adam Mosseri

Carolyn R. Williams Endowed Scholarship
Maria Nuccilli

H.W. Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Maralee Carlin
Timothy Streasick

Student Writing Award, Bibliographic
Laura M. Gentry
Greg McElhatton
Elizabeth Nicholson
Courtney Whitmore

Student Writing Award, Narrative
Colleen Alles

American Library Association
Elissa Zimmer, President
Analise Johnson, Vice President/ Secretary
Susan Gotthelf, Distance Liason
Roxanne Brazell, Webmaster

Future Librarians for Inclusivity and Diversity
Nichole Manlove, President
Nakenya Lewis, Vice President
Lauren Catoni, Treasurer
Kevin Barton, Digital Liaison
Marna Clowney-Robinson, Secretary
Tracy Walker, Social Media Specialist
Akiema Buchanan, Service Liason

National Digital Stewardship Alliance
Adam Mosseri, President
Lauren Schroeder, Vice President
Chris Bonadio, Secretary
Mike Dutewych, Digital Liaison
Roxanne Brazell, Research Chairperson
Courtney Whitmore, Marketing and Events Chairperson

Society of American Archivists
Elizabeth Nicholson, President
Devin Erlandson, Vice President/ Social Media Manager/ Webmaster
Nichole Manlove, Secretary/Tresurer
Kris Kniffen, History Department Liaison

Student Organizations In LIS (SOLIS)
Nakenya Lewis, President
Juan De La Rosa, Secretary

Aspiring Youth and School Librarians
Maeve Devlin, President
Lauren Catoni, Vice President
Megan Domanski, Outreach Coordinator
Wesleyann Johnson, Secretary

Robert Holley, Professor

Kevin Barton, MLIS '14


Kathleen Roe, Director of Archives and Records Management
New York State Archives

In addition to overseeing programs operating the New York State Archives archival facility, Kathlenn Roe, MLIS '79, is the current president of the Society of American Archivists. In that capacity, she has challenged archivists to spend a "Year of Living Dangerously for Archives" to focus on raising awareness of and advocating for archives. She has also served as president of the Council of State Archivists and on various committees for SAA and regional archival associations.


Katherine Lester, School Librarian/Technology Integrationist
Plymouth-Canton Schools

Katherine Lester, MLIS '01, has worked throughout Michigan as a School Library Media Specialist. In 2012, her library in Howell won the State Librarian's Excellence Award. She has been active in the Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME) having served as newsletter editor, Fall Conference Chair, and President and is a member of the Library of Michigan's School Library Workgroup. In 2014, Lester was instrumental in obtaining support from the Michigan State Board of Education to require school libraries