Computer Competency Requirements

In order to be successful in the School of Information Sciences, all students are required, at a minimum, to have the following computer competencies before starting classes.

Computer/ File Management

Student must have the ability to:

  • create directories
  • customize operating system functions
  • cut/copy/paste between applications
  • download and install software
  • find/share files
  • run programs
  • save/restore files to disk
  • update operating systems
  • zip/unzip files


Computer Protection

Students must have the ability to:

  • install/update antivirus software
  • install/update anti-malware software
  • update and run scans using antivirus/malware software


Email/Discussion Boards

Students must have the ability to:

  • handle e-mail - read/reply, create signatures, delete, manage
  • send/receive/open email attachments
  • subscribe to listserv/discussion lists



Students must have the ability to:

  • navigate websites
  • search on the web


Productivity Software

Students must have the ability to:

  • Perform basic word processing tasks
  • use various presentation tools