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Yolanda Crawford: RUSL Fellow 2021

Yalonda Crawford RUSL Fellow

My name is Yolanda Crawford. I am a National Board-Certified Exceptional Needs Teacher (NBCT) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LMSW) with a combined work experience of 25 years. I am currently employed as a School Social Worker. I have worked and garnered experience as a special education teacher, teacher consultant, mental health clinician, emergency room psychiatric social worker, foster care, and victim advocate.

I absolutely love learning and making a positive impact. As a child growing up the library was a consistent Saturday experience. The love of literature and learning is deeply rooted in my soul. I take great pride and joy in helping others and promoting academic endurance as well as social, emotional, and mental health wellness.

My goal as a Project RUSL participant is to gain new knowledge and creative ways to expand my reach in motivating and inspiring youth who struggle academically and emotionally through literature and music.