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Are you ready for a REMIX on traditional teaching and learning strategies that can better engage today's students? Are you ready to FLIP The SCRIPT on your career trajectory and earn an advanced certificate in school librarianship that will teach you how to use HIP HOP as a way to curate learning experiences for your students similar to how a DJ curates a playlist?  If so, you are ready to get:

INFLO-mation written with graphical elements

InFLOmation Hip Hop Information Behavior Analytic Framework
According to Project RUSL PI, Dr. Kafi Kumasi, "To get InFLOmation, means to leverage hip hop culture as a way to expand how educators and librarians view, study, and support the everyday information behaviors of youth."- Full text article

Apply now for a unique opportunity to be a part of the inaugural cohort for Project RUSL, Restoring Urban School Libraries. Participants in this grant-funded program will receive:

  • Full tuition remission ($11K) while completing the 15 credit hour Experimental School Library Certificate Program 
  • $1000 stipend for books and travel
  • New laptop computer 
  • Embedded mentorship during coursework from school library professionals in districts across the country
  • Professional development on implementing Hip Hop Based Education into school librarianship
  • Access to newly purchased technology equipment (e.g. smartboards, 3D printers) for the respective school libraries 

Upon completion, participants will obtain an endorsement in school library media through Wayne State's School of Information Sciences. For more info on project RUSL, visit our About Us page and check out the faculty website of the Project Director, Dr. Kafi Kumasi, Associate Professor in the School of Information Sciences. 


Yalonda Crawford RUSL Fellow

Yolanda Crawford: RUSL Fellow 2021

My name is Yolanda Crawford. I am a National Board-Certified Exceptional Needs Teacher (NBCT) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LMSW) with a combined work experience of 25 years. I am currently employed as a School Social Worker. I have worked and...