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Leah Giordano, Library Director

A headshot of SIS alumna Leah Giorgano
I love feeling like I am a part of changing a person's life for the better. Being a librarian is truly, deeply satisfying work.  ​

Alumna Leah Giordano, MLIS ’04, is library director for the Marathon County Public Library in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Q. What was your path to librarianship? Did you always know you wanted to work in libraries, or did you discover that later?  ​
When beginning my university studies, I really took to the Communications Department in terms of professors and students, so I pursued my degree in that field (Giordano received her undergraduate degree in communications from Oakland University in 2001). Once out of school and working for a small PR firm in the area, I frequently found myself calling librarians for background on clients and organizations. One day I realized that I wanted to be the one on the other end of the phone with all the answers! So I applied for the MLIS program at Wayne State, and the rest is history.  ​​

Q. Why did you choose Wayne State’s School of Information Sciences? 
​I knew it was essential to get my MLIS from an ALA accredited school, and WSU had excellent ratings and a highly respected information science program.  ​

Q. How did the program prepare you for your current role as director of a public library?​
Wayne State's MLIS program really set me up for success. I was able to focus on all facets of public library work, including administration. This, along with the required practicum, gave me a solid base of understanding of the profession.  ​

Q. What do you love most about your current job? ​
A. I love feeling like I am a part of changing a person's life for the better. I've helped high school students get scholarships so they could afford to attend college; I've helped frightened people who were recently diagnosed with an illness become informed about their options; I've helped people on the brink of homelessness secure jobs. In my current role, I work to make it possible for my staff to continue these crucial services. Being a librarian is truly, deeply satisfying work.  ​

Q. Did any of your experience in communications/PR carry over into your role as a librarian/director? 
Oh, absolutely. My communications and public relations skills have been useful nearly every day as a librarian. From writing library newsletters and marketing our events and programs, to ensuring continued support by sharing all the ways we add value to the community, communication is key.  ​

Q. What advice would you give current students? ​
A. I would suggest making connections with as many professors and library professionals as possible. Once you are working in the field, they will be invaluable for guidance as you move along in your library career.