INF 7320: The Media Specialist as Teacher and Instructional Consultant

Credits: 3


Rationale for inclusion in curriculum

This required course for school library media endorsement prepares future media specialists to fulfill their roles as teachers and instructional consultants through collaborating with teachers to integrate information skills across the curriculum. Students also learn to evaluate school library media instructional programs.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  1. Define the instructional role and responsibilities of the school library media specialist.
  2. Discuss at least three different information literacy curricula and identify essential information skills, knowledge, and abilities for developing a building level scope and sequence.
  3. Apply techniques for integrating library media skills throughout the school's curriculum.
  4. Use the instructional design process including instructional and learning theory to develop teaching units which integrate information skills with content knowledge.
  5. Apply skills and knowledge to successfully collaborate with classroom teachers in integrating information skills with content knowledge and develop effective assessment measures.
  6. Analyze strategies for becoming an effective instructional partner and educational leader. 


  1. Instructional and educational leadership roles of the school library media specialist
  2. Information literacy curriculum
  3. Instructional design process including instructional and learning theory
  4. Collaboration, partnership and group communication skills, knowledge and abilities
  5. Assessment techniques for student evaluation
  6. Procedures for evaluating school library media instructional programs

Course methodology

In addition to the content-specific objectives and competencies listed above, this course is designed to instill more generic skills related to communication, problem solving and administration.  Course assignments and class participation promote effective reading, writing, listening, speaking, and presentation skills.  Mastery of course content and successful completion of the assignments promotes critical thinking, evaluation, and problem solving skills.

Bases for evaluation of student performance

Discussion; active participation; lecture; demonstration; case studies; small group discussion; role playing.


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Approved: 1/12

Updated: 8/13