Graduate faculty advisors provide counsel and assistance concerning a student's total program, coursework and educational interests. Faculty advisors help to ensure that the student establishes a smooth relationship with the university and has a productive graduate experience. Students should feel free to contact their advisors for any curriculum or career-related issue. (For all other issues, students are encouraged to review the website for the pertinent university office contact information or contact the SIS office by phone to (313)-577-1825 or 1-877-263-2665 (toll-free) or email to

Upon admission, the SIS assigns each student to a specific advisor. An advisor is assigned based on the faculty member's areas of expertise and knowledge and on the student's area of interest and job expectations. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor after admission to discuss School requirements, prerequisites, sequencing of courses, and other matters that will help ensure success in the School. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor regularly and consult with him or her in the planning of coursework and career plans.

A student may speak with any faculty member by appointment in person, online, over the phone, or via email. To schedule an appointment, contact the desired faculty member directly (see contact information under each faculty member's profile). Note: Faculty may not be available for advising during the spring and summer terms. Be prepared, if necessary, to share your grade report and current enrollment information from WSU Academica during your appointment.

It is the student's right to change her/his advisor should it be desired. The Change of Advisor Request form is to be used for this purpose. Please be sure to ask permission from the faculty member to whom you wish to change. Advisors must be regular members of the SIS faculty, not adjunct faculty.

How to Look Up Your Advisor

You can view your current advisor when you log in to Degree Works. The information is displayed on the landing page as pictured below.

If you would like to update or change your advisor you may request the change here. Please note, Degree Works is informational only and is not a substitute for the Plan of Work process